Hipparchus 2.0 released

The Hipparchus team is pleased to announce the release of Hipparchus 2.0.

Version 2.0 is a major release.

Highlights in the 2.0 release are:

  • addition of a sequential Gauss-Newton optimizer
  • improved relative scheduling of step handlers and events handlers in ODE
  • addition of a finish callback in step handlers
  • replacement of RealFieldElement by CalculusFieldElement interface
  • many improvements in Complex to fully implement CalculusFieldElement with correct branch cuts
  • addition of FieldComplex
  • addition of complex and field complex univariate integrals (including contour integrals)
  • addition of field versions of univariate integrators
  • implementation of elliptic functions and integrals (for real, complex and general fields)
  • faster simultaneous computation of sinh/cosh
  • addition of the Ryū algorithm to generate very fast the shortest decimal representation of a floating point number that maintains round-trip safety.

Note that the elliptic integrals for complex and field complex numbers in the incomplete case are considered experimental for now, they have known issues (see issue 151 and issue 152).

The release notes can be read here: Hipparchus changes report.

The maven artifacts are available in maven central. The sources and binaries can be retrieved from the project download page .