Ground Sensor Tracking a Spacecraft


I’m trying to set up a field of view for a ground-based sensor pointing at a spacecraft. My goal is to define a sensor field of view (e.g. simple cone) where the boresight follows the spacecraft trajectory. As far as I can tell, when I define the FieldOfView, the center is fixed in the parent frame. So I’m thinking that I need a frame that aligns with the ground sensor to spacecraft direction.

The example I found in the unit tests ( sets up a FOV using a topocentric frame, but that FOV boresight is then fixed in that frame rather than following the spacecraft. There is a comment about defining a new frame for a slewing antenna, but I can’t find an example of that.

Is there an example in the unit tests or tutorials that models an auto-track setup like this? If not, how would you go about setting up this type of tracking?