GNSS seconds conversion to UTC

Hi all!
I am new on Orekit (version 12). I need to convert gps seconds in utc date. Seconds may be received in different time scales (utc, tai or et) using Absolute Date. How could I do?
Eg.I have to convert 802051345 (ET time scale)

Hi @antonio.dortona

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I think the GNSSDate class can help you.

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Hi @bcazabonne,
Thanks for your reply.
I would ask for example, if I need to count TAI seconds starting from 1 Jan 2000 00:00:00, shall compute AbsoluteDate like this?
new AbsoluteDate(DateComponents.J2000_EPOCH, TimeComponents.H00, TimeScalesFactory.getTAI()) and than start counting seconds from the calculated epoch?