GNSS Propagator - Example


I’m looking for some examples of the GNSS propagator within the Python Wrapper. Does anyone know where I can find them? I’m new in Orekit and I don’t who to use this propagator.

Thanks in advance

Hi @VeronicaSastre

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Python example for using GNSS propagator. I can only propose you to look at the Java GNSSPropagation tutorial.
I don’t think it is difficult to translate it into Python language.

Just few words about the GNSS propagators. I remember you recently asked a question about the dynamic used in Eckstein-Hechler model.
For GNSS propagation using the GNSSPropagator, we don’t have a dynamical model like for Eckstein-Hechler or Brouwer-Lyddane propagators. Instead, GNSS Propagator uses an external input data: an almanac or a navigation message.
The difference between both data is that the navigation message is more accurate because it contains more parameters. Just note that for Glonass, the two formats are very different.
Almanacs or navigation messages are generally computed using orbit determination technics. It is very accurate at its epoch, but the error rapidly increase with propagation time.

You can download GPS almanacs on Celestrak: CelesTrak: GPS Data
You can download Navigation message in CDDIS website : Earthdata Login