getMaxDate method of bounded propagator gives approximate result

Hello everyone!

I am creating a bounded propagator from an OEM file, the last time in the file is 2023-12-20T08:22:06.003093999999919 but if I use the getMaxDate on the bounded propagator I get instead <AbsoluteDate: 2023-12-20T08:22:06.003094Z>. This is a pretty close approximation but it causes an issue when I then request PVCoordinates for a time in between the minimum and maximum dates of the propagator like this (python):

if it.isBetweenOrEqualTo(ephemeris.getMinDate(), ephemeris.getMaxDate()):
    ephemeris.getPVCoordinates(it, frame)

I get the following error:

org.orekit.errors.TimeStampedCacheException: unable to generate new data after 2023-12-20T08:22:06.00309399999992Z, but data is requested for 2023-12-20T08:22:06.003094Z which is 8.08242361927114E-14 s after

From this it seems to me that the bounded propagator is created correctly from the file, but the getMaxDate (and I assume also the getMinDate) introduce a problematic approximation

Am I doing something wrong?