Get residuals of different kind of measurements

Hi all,
after OD I am computing the residuals with the following routine (I am using python)

residui = np.array(estimator.getOptimum().getResiduals().toArray())

but this gives all the residuals of all the kind measurements together.
I would like to split the different kind of residuals with respect to the measure.
For example the residual on ‘x’, on ‘y’, on ‘z’, on ‘range’, on ‘range-rate’ …
How can I do that ?

Many thanks for your time and help
Kind regards

If you use a batch least squares, you can register a ModelObserver to it. Its modelCalled| method will be called several times during iterations, and the second argument to this method will be a map, with observed measurement as the key and estimated measurement as the value. From the estimated measurements, you can get both the observed value and the estimated value, the residual is simply the difference between the two.

If you use Kalman filter, you can register a KalmanObserver. The API is different because Kalman handles measurements as they arrive, but you can also retrieve observed and corrected values for the current measurement.

Thank you very much.
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