Get ECI coordinates from measurements

Hey all,

I am working on an OD project and I want to convert measurements to eci position. I generated measurements using the measurement generation package. So I have an array of [range, az, el, range_rate], but now I want to simply convert them to ECI position, is there a simple way to do this? I’ve seen the use of the .estimate() function, but that only uses one measurement (for example range) and there is a discrepancy between my reference and the estimated state. Also, I’d like to do this without the use of the reference trajectory, so that if I am using real measurements, I can still use it.

I want to use the ECI position to finetune my initial guess (by using a Lambert targeter or finite differencing) for my own estimation algorithms (BLS, EKF, UKF etc)

Thanks in advance!


Hi there

Sorry for the delayed reply.
This thread is similar to yours:

You should be able to extract what you need. Let me know if you struggle.