Generator is creating an unexpected set of measurements

I am trying to create measurements from two different observers of a single observed/target satellite. For one observer, I am adding a ContinuousScheduler to the Generator, and for the other observer I am adding an EventBasedScheduler to the Generator. But the Generator seems to only produce measurements when both observers can observe the target satellite at the same time.
i.e. Measurements are only produced from the perspective of the first observer (with the ContinuousScheduler) at time stamps when the second observer (with the EventBasedScheduler) also produces measurements. Have you ever seen this behavior?
Thank you for any thoughts.

Things have been improved a lot in this area as part of solving issue 1157. Did you try this with the version in the develop branch that does include a fix for this issue?

I will give this a try.
Did you end up needing to make changes to the measurement types in order to make this work?
Thank you

No, the measurements by themselves are unaffected, it is just the callers that build them that were updated.