Frequency missing Enum C05 when parsing latest igs14.atx

Hello everyone!

Today was the first day I used the AntexLoader to parse the latest ANTEX file igs14.atx from, from here.

After placing the file at the root of the Orekit Data Path (using DefaultDataContext and DEFAULT_ANTEX_SUPPORTED_NAMES), I get a OrekitMessages.UNKNOWN_RINEX_FREQUENCY at a line with the frequency C05.

I then took a look at the Frequency Enum and confirmed that C05 is not a valid enum value. However, the latest igs14.atx file has a little frequency table as shown below. It should have the same frequency as the G05 PRN, I’d love to be corrected.

In addition, the Beidou website and Wikipedia agree that C05 is a valid PRN.

I use an unmodified version of Orekit 11.3.3 fetched through my application’s pom file.

What would you recommend me to do? Should I modify the Frequency Enum, build from source, and modify my pom to refer to the local modified Orekit build? Should I create a Gitlab issue and add the missing Enum for the next version?

Thank you so much in advance!

  ________________________________________                  COMMENT             
  | Freq.[MHz] | Freq. Codes             |                  COMMENT             
  |--------------------------------------|                  COMMENT             
  |   1602.000 | R01 R04                 |                  COMMENT             
  |   1575.420 | G01 E01 J01 S01 C01     |                  COMMENT             
  |   1561.098 | C02                     |                  COMMENT             
  |   1278.750 | E06 J06                 |                  COMMENT             
  |   1268.520 | C06                     |                  COMMENT             
  |   1246.000 | R02 R06                 |                  COMMENT             
  |   1227.600 | G02 J02                 |                  COMMENT             
  |   1207.140 | E07 C07                 |                  COMMENT             
  |   1202.025 | R03                     |                  COMMENT             
  |   1191.795 | E08 C08                 |                  COMMENT             
  |   1176.450 | G05 E05 J05 C05 S05 I05 |                  COMMENT             
  |______________________________________|                  COMMENT

I believe the above is all resolved thanks to @luc resolving Issue 1134 for Orekit 12.0!*

I should make it a habit of searching open and closed issues first! :sweat_smile: