Flat Earth Model in orekit 10.4

Hi, I’m a doctor from the spiritual university of Drome-Ardèche and i want to go to the Moon to show that the americans lied to us and never went there. I’ve seen that I can use the org.orekit.models.earth to modelize a flat earth but the “Tesla dishes lever effect” isn’t taken in account in my propagation, thus I can not calculate the quantum space jump (same process as the UTC jump for quantum space units) need to jump in moon orbit.

Do you plan to add a true flat earth model in the near updates?

Stay critical.

Nice April’s fools :wink:

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Contributions welcome! :rofl:


Sorry, we can’t do it for 10.4. We must wait a major release.
Could you open an issue on the Orekit issue tracker?

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