First steps on the forum


I have discover that to get email notifications, you can configure in
Your profile > Perferences > Email the last combo to Send an email for every new post.

Worked from me!

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Thanks a lot for sharing this tip Anne-Laure.

Thank you Sebastien.
Is the (old) orekit archive going to be transferred here so we can access it in case we need to perform searches for past issues/advice?
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Hi Bogdan,

The issues have been reproduced in Gitlab:

The binary and source archives are available in the release notes:

List of all release notes:

The Redmine wiki was not migrated because it duplicates the static site.

The Orekit mail archives will most probably not be transferred.
I don’t think it is possible (but @sdinot may prove me wrong).
Past discussions will be forgotten…

As a new Orekit user I found the discussions and code snippets therein quite useful. Would it be possible to save the discussions as a plain ASCII file and post it so they are available for future generations?

I can export the Sympa archives. But, to be usable (i.e. published on the web), they must be transformed into HTML pages. I will carry out some tests with MHonArc tomorrow.

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Here is the result:

@bogdan.udrea, is it good for you?


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It is great! Thanks SĂ©bastien, as usual you find solutions to problems I consider impossible to solve!

Sébastien, that is great. I also think it would be useful to keep the archives and I’m glad you found a way to to it.

@sdinot, this is great. Thanks again Sebastien!