Error in Orekit-Python Examples

At, several of the notebook examples have reversed the ra and rp values resulting in negative eccentricity:
For example in the Propagation.ipynb:
ra = 400 * 1000 # Apogee
rp = 500 * 1000 # Perigee
i = radians(87.0) # inclination
omega = radians(20.0) # perigee argument
raan = radians(10.0) # right ascension of ascending node
lv = radians(0.0) # True anomaly

Giving the results:

<KeplerianOrbit: Keplerian parameters: {a: 6828137.0; e: -0.007322641593160872; i: 86.99999999999999; pa: 20.0; raan: 10.0; v: 0.0;}>

I do appreciate all the Java and Python examples which help me learn Orekit.

Also, in the Track_Corridor.ipynb, in cell In[33] when it calls cartopy, it is missing the import of matplotlib (import matplotlib.pyplot as plt) needed for the line:

ax = plt.axes(projection=ccrs.PlateCarree())

Hi @StephenC, thanks for pointing this out, you are right, I will update the example!

The import of plt is covered by the %pylab inline statement, I think, but that’s a sloppy way to do it and should be stated explicitly.

Many thanks

Now updated…