Error in constructing OneWayGNSSRange

Hey folks, I’m trying to work on GNSS based Orbit Determination and I am having some trouble initializing the OneWayGNSSRange object. I provided some dummy values and I see the following error.


InvalidArgsError: (<class 'org.orekit.estimation.measurements.gnss.OneWayGNSSRange'>, '__init__', (<PVCoordinatesProvider: org.orekit.files.general.EphemerisSegmentPropagator@6c1832aa>, <Double: 0.0>, <AbsoluteDate: 2023-10-27T20:52:54.000Z>, <Double: 2.134464314E7>, <Double: 0.562>, <Double: 1.0>, <ObservableSatellite: org.orekit.estimation.measurements.ObservableSatellite@0>))

Not sure if this helps, but I’m using version 12.0. Based on the documentation, it’s unclear why the error might be happening.

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!

The solution that worked was ensuring that “epoch” was in AbsoluteDate format and casting the floats as Python float(var), not with Java Double(float(var)).

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