Ephemeris (BoundedPropagator) usage

Hi folks,

I am trying to create an ephemeris from some GRACE data (Navigation data - positions and velocities, to be specific). The input data is 50 seconds apart. I find that when I build the Ephemeris propagator and try to propagate with a step size of which is not an integral multiple of 50 sec, the returned states have variations in error depending on the step size. I believe this might be the interpolator. Maybe this has some connection to this thread.

How should I be using the Ephemeris propagator to access the states between the measurements?

PS - I’m providing 9 points for interpolation.

Hi @Mihir_m ,

I would like to make sure that i understand your problem correctly.

You are creating an Ephemeris Propagator using 9 sample points, each 50 seconds apart. Then, when you interpolate at t%50 != 0, you have variations in error depending on given step size ?

My questions are :
1 - Do you have data, less than 50 sec apart, to compare with the interpolated result ?
2 - Can you provide us a code sample showing how you setup the Ephemeris propagator ?