EOP updating period

I’ve got two webapplications which are runs 24/7 first is propagating (lets’s call it PROP-SERVICE) service which is using OREKIT and second one is just web service which can be used with NetworkCrawler to serve variatic ballistics data which is needed by OREKIT (lets call it OREKIT_DATA-SERVICE).

OREKIT-DATA-SERVICE periodically updates it’s data using update.sh script, also it’s prints to logs every time PROP_SERVICE asks for a data file like that:

‘request for Earth-Orientation-Parameters.zip’

when i start PROP_SERVICE i see this log message describing what PROP-SERVICE asks for EOP (‘request for Earth-Orientation-Parameters.zip’), but that’s all, how often OREKIT networkCrawler (or dataloader) tries to update its cache?