ElevetionDetector and FieldOfViewDetector

Hello everyone!! I want to check, if satellite can be observed from one certain point on the Earth GeodeticPoint(latitude, longitude, altitude)
Can I use ElevationDetector withConstantElevation() instead of using FieldOfViewDetector?? For instance, I have fov = CircularFieldOfView(Vector3D.PLUS_K, FastMath.toRadians(40.), FastMath.toRadians(0.)). Which means I have half aperture angle 40 degrees. Can I instead use ElevationDetector(gpsFrame).withConstantElevation(50), where 50 degrees is the minimum elevation for detection. Are this 2 things interchangeable?? I want to do this in order to avoid combining detectors.

Thank you in advance!!

Hello @daiana,

Yes, actually it should be faster and more adapted.

In your case I would say yes.
ElevationDetector is meant exactly for what you want and was added some time ago in Orekit to handle ground station visibility (i.e. access times).
GroundFieldOfView was added a bit more recently and is intended to cover more complex use cases. For example, a telescope with a narrow dihedral field of view and precise pointing capabilities.

Hope this helps,