Element type returned by Brouwer Lyddane propagator


I am trying to implement a Brouwer Lyddane propagator, but I am confused as to whether the propagate method is returning osculating or mean elements.


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The returned elements are osculating ones.

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On a similar note, does Brouwer Lyddane propagator require all the gravity coefficients to be set or can I set just J2 and the rest to 0 to only get perturbations related to J2?

I never tried, but I think it’s possible.


I think you can yes. There are two cases:

  1. You have a value of c20 and you want that specific one to be used:
    Example with IERS2010 values:
BrouwerLyddanePropagator prop = new BrouwerLyddanePropagator(initialOrbit, Constants.IERS2010_EARTH_EQUATORIAL_RADIUS, 
                                                             Constants.IERS2010_EARTH_MU, Constants.IERS2010_EARTH_C20, 
                                                             0., 0., 0., 0.); 
  1. You have a gravity field
    Load it for J2 only: UnnormalizedSphericalHarmonicsProvider provider = GravityFieldFactory.getConstantUnnormalizedProvider(2, 0);
    Use it in BL propagator
        BrouwerLyddanePropagator prop =
                        new BrouwerLyddanePropagator(initialOrbit,
                                                     provider.getAe(), provider.getMu(),
                                                     provider.onDate(initialOrbit.getDate()).getUnnormalizedCnm(2, 0),
                                                     0., 0., 0., 0.);