Describing satellite's FoV in ICRS


I’m working on a mock image taken from a satellite. What I have is a set of data with positions and velocities of observed satellites (in 3 frames - ITRF, EME and observing satellite’s LOF) and data with positions and velocities of primary satellite (also in ITRF, EME and LOF). With that I can easly show how my primary satellite “sees” other satellites, but I have a problem with transforming my FoV to something like ICRS so I can find and draw correct stars in the background. Any tips and ideas?

Hi @jlipinski,

Sorry for the delay.
Did you manage to find the answer to your problem?
Could you describe your problem a bit more? If you have the origin and axis of your FOV frame then you just need to compute the transform with respect to ICRF. But I guess your problem is more complicated than this.