Default to develop for PRs


Is is possible to change the default target branch for pull requests to develop for the orekit repository? I was very close to accidentally submitting a PR against master.


Hi Evan,

That is because the default branch of Orekit project is master.

Therefore, merge request are automatically made against this branch. Moreover, this allow users accessing master branch when opening Orekit Gitlab website (

It is possible to change the default branch from master to develop easily on GitLab (Settings -> Repository -> Default Branch).

With a developer point of view, I prefer accessing directly develop branch instead of master branch. Moreover, I think that Gitlab repository is mainly used by developers. To my mind, users use Maven artifacts.


To add another information, on the Orekit official website, the Gitlab repository is used to point the “Development version” of Orekit. Therefore, +1 for changing the default branch to develop branch :slightly_smiling_face:

(I think I already had a discussion with SĂ©bastien and Maxime about that)

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+1 for me too

I am a big fan of the Git Flow convention which it sounds like we are talking about changing to here. So a +1 from me.