Default method `build()` in `PropagatorBuilder`?

Hi all,

PropagatorBuilder has a build(double[]) method that uses an array of “normalized selected parameters” that can appear a bit cryptic for someone who is not familiar with Orekit orbit determination features.

Most of the time this method is used with the “default” parameters set, which is the output of the method getSelectedNormalizedParameters().

I propose to provide this mechanism with a default build() method in PropagatorBuilder.

default Propagator buildPropagator() {
    return buildPropagator(getSelectedNormalizedParameters());

Any objection?


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Hi Maxime,

Sounds good.


Big +1 @MaximeJ

Let’s go @MaximeJ +1

Thanks! Issue opened.

Edit: And fixed (there were quite a number of usages…)

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