Custom ephemeris file format to OEM XML?

Custom ephemeris file format convert to OEM XML? Is there a package suitable for this purpose? Or do I simply read in the file parse it, then use the CCSDS OEM package to append the position and velocity? If so, is there some sample code to look at? Thanks.

Hi @tyl

Orekit is design to read (and sometimes write) official formats like CCSDS files, ILRS files, and most of the IGS files. In other words, Orekit is natively not ready to read custom files.
Therefore, you have to process the second option: read your custom file to access satellite’s position-velocity, build an OEM using ccsds package (following the tutorials, you have an NdmUtils class which is very useful to use these classes), and write the OEM using the OemWriter.

Finally, I don’t think we have official tutorials to convert ephemeris files. Maybe some developers have homemade applications in their computers and could share them, but nothing official.


Thanks for the reply. Yep, this confirms my finding and thanks you for the additional direction for what to look at.