Converting between Equatorial and Galactic coordinates

I am writing a 3d charting application using JavaFX and I wanted to be able to convert between equatorial and galactic.

I did a google search and found this segment of code
Frame icrf = FramesFactory.getICRF();
Frame galactic = FramesFactory.getGalactic();

Apparently FramesFactory.getGalactic() doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Does anyone know what replaced it?
thanks in advance

Hi @eviljinious1 welcome!
Where did you find a reference to getGalactic?
I don’t recall it having been in Orekit at any time. Maybe it was in a fork?

But getting back to my desired conversion. What would you recommend about converting between equatorial and galactic?

It would just mean adding a new frame, with a fixed offset with respect to some already supported inertial frame (probably GCRF or EME2000). The offset would be modeled using a FixedTransformProvider.