Constructing FunctionalDetector in Python

Apologies for a somewhat basic question, but how would I go about constructing an arbitrary FunctionalDetector using the Python wrapper?

For example, I’d like to stop propagation when inclination or eccentricity exceeds a certain threshold from a nominal value. I’ve been pushing through the documentation, but unfortunately, it does not seem clear to me how to do this. It seems that I would need to set the g() function of an initialized FunctionalDetector to be a lambda of the orbital element getter, but beyond that, I am a bit lost

Hi Marco,

In the Python wrapper you need to subclass, the lambda is not supported. What you can do is to us the AbstractDetector that FunctionalDetector is based on and subclass that class and implement the g() function.

An example of this, that can be modified to your needs can be found at



Thank you very much for the reply. This is a useful example. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with it and solve my own problems!