Considering empirical accelerations for unmodeled forces in Orekit

Hey there,

in my simulations, I would like to consider the effect of empirical accelerations for unmodeled forces. After a first search, I found that such accelerations are stated to be a feature of numerical propagators but it is not clear to me which are the classes and methods which would allow me to play with them.

Can you tell me more about it, please?

Many thanks.

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Hi @samuele,

Empirical accelerations are modeled using a ParametricAcceleration force model.
This force model takes in input an AccelerationModel that can be either a PolynomialAccelerationModel or an HarmonicAccelerationModel.

I suggest you read a bit these classes to get familiar with them.
You will find some examples in the tests, see the forces/empirical package.

Hope this helps.

Have a great week-end too,

Many thanks @MaximeJ!