Configure Orekit done, but get error 'no IERS UTC-TAI history data loaded' in some cases (Geotool UI)


I have a java application that performs TLE propagation (like in the VisibilityCheck example) , it has two user interface access: a command line interface (that I have created first) and a swing GUI.
With the command line interface all is ok, but with the GUI I get the ‘org.orekit.errors.OrekitException: no IERS UTC-TAI history data loaded’ error.

I have read the doc, verified that I execute the configure orekit code, verified that I have the orkit-data folder in place.
I use the same configure code in the GUI and the CLI. Also the CLI and the GUI use the same Orekit related code/classes, just the entry point change.

Out of ideas, I created a basic Jframe with buttons + text area for result display, and it is working as expected, one button runs the calculation in the current thread, the other in a separate thread (as it is done in my app). Both ways work well.

I also tried to execute again the configure orekit immediately before the call that generated the error, but it changed nothing. In my case the error is when instantiating a TLE class: orkitTle = new TLE(l1, l2);

I don’t see what can cause the problem.
To resume: a simple GUI (one class) works, a complex class structure gives me the problem ONLY when using a GUI.

I almost forgot to mention that the UI is build with Geotools library, maybe Geotools break something in Orekit DataProviderManager??

Any advice is much appreciated.

best regards


Hello @gillesserco

Could you print some debug info at the start of your application?
Perhaps looking at how the home directory, normally from the “user.home” system property, is set up in the working and non-working cases?