Community announcement: new chapter

Hi dear Orekit community,

As some of you may already know, after 21 years working at CS Group, I will be leaving the company this evening. A large part of my day job was to work on Orekit, which I created. This included designing new features, writing code, debugging, validating, maintaining the great community, answering questions on the forum.

This has been tremendously rewarding. You as a community really are the people that made it worth doing along all these years.

I will continue to work in the space field (those who know me know that I’m too passionate to leave space). I will from now on work in the navigation team at Thales Alenia Space. My job at TAS will not be related to Orekit anymore. Nevertheless, I cannot leave my brainchild, so I will still remain close to Orekit. I will still be on the forum answering questions, I will still contribute to code and the PMC accepted to keep me as a member. This will however only be as a benevolent working from home during my personal time. I will not represent TAS in this area (TAS already has a representative in the PMC, and this will not change). This means I will probably answer much slower than before on the forum and the amount of code I will write, both for developing new features and fixing bugs, will be reduced.

The Orekit community is great and healthy, so I am confident it will continue to work smoothly. The Orekit team at CS remains very active, Pascal and Maxime will lead it perfectly, I have full confidence on them. The Orekit team outside of CS remains very active too. This is one of the great benefit of open-source: the projects are safe from people and company changes.

I really really want to thank the community for all these years, it has been a marvelous journey with you all.

Wow, this is a shocker!
Congrats on your new job Luc.
And thanks for your commitment of staying active in the Orekit community. Anyway your legacy is huge, so it cannot and shall not be forgotten.
Speak to you soon on this very forum.


Congratulations Luc.
Orekit is an astounding legacy and one to be to be truly proud of.
Supported by Hipparchus, it is actively supporting Space Sustainability for the UK and no doubt in many other countries too.
Best wishes

Once again Luc you have my congrats and my warm thanks for what you’re giving to the community !
As Romain and Paul said it already your legacy is astounding.
Hope to speak to you soon (and often!) on the forum.



Thank you very much for your contributions, support and discussions and for staying with us also in your future role!


Thanks Luc for the amazing work done with Orekit and good luck with your new job!

Thanks Luc for the amazing work done with Orekit and congratulations with your new job!