CoefficientsMatrix issue

PV(AbsoluteDate(2023, 8, 23, 19, 2, 7.520, utc), Vector3D(2707353.2347538574, -3464116.9405820956, 5674014.971601227), Vector3D(5985.138267302522, -1508.388481949937, -3730.1443722654903),
1.0, 1.0, 1.0, observableSatellite).getCorrelationCoefficientsMatrix()
Out: JArray[<Object: [D@6b8280e6>, <Object: [D@6f139fc9>, <Object: [D@55259aa7>, <Object: [D@19382338>, <Object: [D@66420549>, <Object: [D@15dc339f>]

Hello! Can someone please say why getCorrelationCoefficientsMatrix doesn’t give the values??

Hi @daiana,

It’s because it’s a 2D JArray with an untyped “Object”, you have to cast it to a Jarray_double.
If corr is the object returned by your line of code, this should print you the matrix:

from orekit import JArray_double
import numpy as np

for i_line in np.arange(0, len(corr)):
    line = JArray_double.cast_(corr[i_line])

Hope this helps,