CCSDS message in JSON format?

Hello everyone!

How can I read/wrtie CCSDS messages (OEM, for example) in JSON format? If I can do this by means of current functionality of Orekit, could you please provide an example? If not, can I create a feature request to support this feature?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi @Carboh

Orekit cannot generate CCSDS files in JSON format. In addition, I don’t think JSON is a standard format for CCSDS files.


I confirm CCSDS uses only two types of format: KVN (Key-Value Notation) and XML.

Hello everyone,

These two are indeed the official CCSDS formats but some data providers e.g. spacetrack can also use other ones like .csv
In that case you need to convert by yourself Orekit cannot help you.