Can't get Orekit to work in Matlab

I am new with Orekit. I have followed the instructions in the tutorial ‘Integration in other languages’.
I am using Matlab r2019a and Orekit 10.3. When I run the program, I get errors like:
"Arguments to IMPORT must either end with "." or else specify a fully qualified class name: “org.orekit.frames.Frame” fails this test.".*
I have changed the lines as it is said in the tutorial, but it still doesn’t work.

I appreciate your assistance with this.


I am also struggled with using Orekit through Matlab but have overcome most of the issues. I have attached a file for a basic numerical propagation run. Please let me know if you have any questions.orekitNumPropTest.m (10.6 KB)
You will need to change the values for Hipparchus and Orekit depending on what version you are using.

Thank you so much for answering.
After running your file I have realized that my problem lies in how I add the file path. I am not used to integrate other languages in Matlab. Can you help me with that? When adding the java path, where do the Hipparchus folder and the Orekit java file have to be?

The particular Matlab script is run from my Orekit directory (e.g., C:\Orekit). The orekit-10.1.jar will be in that directory. The Hipparchus files (I separate them by release version) are in a sub directory (C:\Orekit\hipparchus_1_7). I am certain there are other more efficient ways to specify these paths but this works for me. Perhaps another user could provide that.

It seems something is not working for me. I am attaching some screenshots.

Don’t know if this all of it but on the lines:
DM =;
crawler =[cd ,’\OrekitData’]));

You need to change the ‘\OrekitData’ to match your directory ‘\orekit-data’
See if that helps

Thank you, I miss that. I’m trying with other functions like Vectors3D, and the same error appears. It seems like it’s not importing libraries because every function is undefined, I don’t know. Is there any way I can check that?

I will have to do some further digging and get back to you

Thank you very much
If I can make it work, I’ll update the message

Hi David and Stephen,

David, I have just a quick question. Is your Java version at least equal to 8?

Indeed, if your Java version is below 8, you can’t run Orekit.

Best regards,

Please find below a link explaining how to verify your Java version in Matlab and how to configure a new Java version.

You can also try to read this topic on the forum: First step with matlab - #4 by Tintin


Issue solved. Script by @bcazabonne works perfectly.
Thank you very much for your time and help.