[CANCELED][VOTE] Releasing Hipparchus 2.2 from release candidate 1

This is a VOTE in order to release version 2.2 of the Hipparchus library.
Version 2.2 is a maintenance release.

Highlights in the 2.2 release are:

  • addition of Unscented Kalman Filter for non linear estimations
  • {Field}TaylorMap, supporting evaluation, composition and inversion

The release candidate 1 can be found on the GitHub repository as tag 2.2-RC1 in the release-2.2 branch.

Source and binary archives are available using the staged web site downloads page at https://hipparchus.org/staging/downloads.html.

Note that the index page at /downloads does not show the 2.2 release, as it has not been voted yet.

The release notes can be read here: https://hipparchus.org/staging/changes-report.html.

Maven artifacts are available at https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/orghipparchus-1039/.

As we are in a summer break, the votes will be tallied on 2022-08-09.

relatively minor, but I noticed in the change log the links to the issues don’t work. But it does work if I change issue to issues in the URL.

Also some of the new LaTeX in the javadoc isn’t rendering: DerivativeStructure (Hipparchus 2.2 API)…-

OK, I’ll fix that and create a new release candidate.

The new voting thread is here