Hi all,
I’m trying to use both GeographicZoneDetector and EclipseDetector, exploiting also the BooleanDetector “andCombine” through Python.

The detectors are initialized as follows:

    regionDetector = GeographicZoneDetector(earth, ROI, 0.0).withHandler(ContinueOnEvent())
    eclipse_detector = EclipseDetector(sun, sunRadius, earth).withUmbra().withHandler(ContinueOnEvent())
    day_detector = NegateDetector(eclipse_detector).withHandler(ContinueOnEvent())

The problems are:

  • if I used only the regionDetector, the visibility windows available last about 1400/3500 minutes and of course this is not physically possible.|

  • if I combine the regionDetector and for instance the eclipse_detector as follows:

      detector = BooleanDetector.andCombine([regionDetector,eclipse_detector])
      logger = EventsLogger()
      logger_det = EventsLogger().monitorDetector(detector)
      propagator.propagate(initial_date, final_date)

the visibility windows are the same as before (not a smaller number) with the same duration.

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you in advance.