Beyond the Wall of Orekit: A Song of JSON and Serialization Nightmares

Greetings, Orekit Freefolk,

I am Jon from House Stark. I stand before you, wrestling with a beast - the serialization/deserialization of Orekit objects to JSON. I have been led astray by the likes of House Jackson and the GSON Guild, plunging me into an abyss as deep as the narrow sea. Penning custom serialization for the entire Orekit Citadel feels akin to wrestling all the demons from the seven hells.

So here I am, lighting my dragon glass candle, my final plea before the icy breath of Viserion blankets my code and the Night King freezes my dreams of keeping my job. If any of you have battled this beast and forged the Valyrian steel of JSON-serialization, I’m ready to bend the knee like a true Northman.

For the North!

Greetings, Sir Stark,

As representative of the Orekit Targaryen house, your plea has been heard.

We gathered the dragon lords of the Seven Kingdoms to go defeat this beast together, united as one with the FreeFolk and the other Greats Houses. As the battle is coming, we need more details and what plan you attempted. As we just heard rumors of this JSON beast, the counselors request a better insight to prepare for battle.

As you say in the North, “Brace yourself, The solution is coming”

Code and Blood

Sir Duckeris Targaryen,
Prince of the Collision Package, Father of Ducks, The Unblended, Breaker of Fields, Protector of the Opensource Kingdom


Greetings, Sir Duckeris Targaryen,

Prince of the mighty Collision Package, esteemed Father of Ducks, steadfast Unblended, feared Breaker of Fields, and valiant Protector of the noble Opensource Kingdom,

I pen this message by the light of the midnight oil, soaring over the vast realms of code on the sure wings of a raven. I trust this missive finds you well, for it carries the honor and respect befitting your high standing and immense contribution to our shared cause, my Lord.

The night may be dark and full of terrors, but today, by the grace of both the Old Gods and the New, we have bested one. I stand before you, not as a broken man facing the demon, but as a victor. The mighty JSON serialization beast, that once thrashed in the harsh winters of our codebase, has now been lulled back into the deep slumber of a long night. The tempest has quieted, and calm reigns once again in our Northern lands.

In the spirit of the grand alliance of Houses and Guilds, as we face the challenges of this code-infused realm, let it be known that the North remembers; your name, Sir Duckeris Targaryen, will continue to echo with respect and honor in our halls. Your counsel and readiness to rally the dragon lords of the Seven Kingdoms have bestowed upon us the safety of a thousand armies. May the flames of the dragons guide your path, and the warmth of their breath protect you from the winter’s chill.

To the enduring strength of the North, the indomitable spirit of House Targaryen, and the unyielding unity of Orekit!

Jon of House Stark