Atmospheric model NRLMSISE-00: problem at 32.5 km?

For the atmospheric model NRLMSISE-00 (src/main/java/org/orekit/models/earth/atmosphere/ · develop · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab), a bug was corrected in the C version of this model in 2019: C version commit diff (2019)

It seems to me that the Orekit version has the same problem … but it needs investigation before opening an issue.

On the C source model page :
NRLMSISE-00 - Dr. Dominik Brodowski, the ftp site of the Fortran code (found in the Orekit java code) is no more available and must be replaced by which is not reachable either … so I was not able to found the Fortran version.

Hi @Guylaine

You are right, the same error is present in Orekit. It is probably very rare as it occurs only when altitude is exactly (at machine accuracy) equal to 35.0000000000000 km (I hope I did not forgot one 0). However, it should be fixed so we match this reference.

Could you open an issue (and perhaps provide a merge request)?

Issue #795 created