Applying attitude strategy in fov Access computation

Hi Forum,

I am now working on the access computing concerning ‘movable’ satellite and sensors.After the computation of access times of some ground stations,I need to avoid certain stations in certain times by applying attitude strategies in previous access time spans.Satellite attitude control and sensor pointing control are the common methods to do so.But I counld not find any references in the forum.Here are my problems:

1.Whether or not the satellite attitude control and sensor pointing control methods can be attached to the fov event detector dynamiclly during propagation.
2.What are the differences between satellite attitude changes and sensor pointing changes in fov event detector?

Is there something useful that I could follow up to?

Thanks in advance!

Ooops, it seems we forgot to provide an answer in time, sorry for that.

You cannot change the attitude provider or sensor pointing during propagation. You can however set up a single attitude provider that gather other providers in a sequence and switch from one to another one depending on events. This is AttitudesSequence. I am not sure however it will be flexible enough to suit your needs.

Attitude and FOV orientation are stacked on top of each other. The propagator computes the orbit, then add the attitude to get the spacecraft frame, then considers the FOV orientation. So changing the final pointing direction with respect to inertial (or terrestrial) frame could be done either at attitude or at FOV level, if you manage to implement your own AttitudeProvider or FieldOfView that takes care of changing data. If you do it at AttitudeProvider level, it will also be taken into account by surface force models like drag or radiation pressure models. If you do it at field of view level, the force models will be unaffected and only the detector will see the change.

Thanks luc!
I think I can try it your way.Hope to discuss it with you later with my code.