Antex reader, problem with getSatelliteAntennas method

Hi all,

I’m using orekit python to read antex file.
Here is my code :

import orekit
import org.orekit

filename = r'inputs\igs20.atx'
GPS_time = org.orekit.time.TimeScalesFactory.getGPS()
antex_data = org.orekit.gnss.antenna.AntexLoader(, GPS_time)

My problem is that the object return by getSatelliteAntennas is a list of java.lang.object and not a list of TimeSpanMap :

This object has not TimeSpanMap methods (getSpan, …) so I cant’t do anything.

I don’t have this problem with getReceiverAntennas method.

Could you help me ?


Hello Victor,

this is a common minor issue with the Python wrapper. Sometimes you need to cast your objects to the class you need so that you can fully access all the methods.
You can just write TimeSpanMap.cast_(yourObject) and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

From what I understand/remember the wrapper sometimes has issues when an object inherits methods from multiple Java classes.

Best regards,