An example of tileUpdater to Noaa's GLOBE DEM

On 21 Dec 2021,Master Luc asked if i would share the tileUpdater implementation of Noaa’s GLOBE DEM, I said yes.But I was failed to have it done earlier.
Any way,one year later,I put my code here and I would love to help more people and make a good use of rugged.

A description of Noaa’s GLOBE(Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation) DEM could be found here:

the GLOBE DEM DOC also uploaded here.

globedocumentationmanual (1).pdf (2.2 MB)

codes are down here: (15.4 KB) (928 Bytes) (4.1 KB) (4.6 KB)

Thanks a lot @youngcle

@jonathan.guinet, @Guylaine could you find some time to have a look at this?

I have another suggest,

the SimpleTile And MinMaxTreeTile uses “Integer” array to hold the elevation data,
these will consume too much memory, if change them to “short”,which is enough, a lot of memory will the saved(shrink to 1/4 per array)