Albedo and Solar Flux IR parameters

Dear all,

I want to obtain the values of Albedo and Solar Flux IR for a given orbit. Usually the class KnockeRediffusedForceModel uses this parameters internally to compute the outputs.
Is there a way where I can access to these values ? I do not want the acceleration of the satellite after applying this force, I only want the rough values of albedo and solar flux IR.

Thank you !

Hi @echarlie , welcome!

This is unfortunately not possible yet. The rediffused flux is computed internally in private methods that are only called by the acceleration computation methods.

This would however be an interesting feature to add, probably simply by having several private methods promoted to public scope (computeElementaryFlux, computeSolarFlux, computeEmissivity, computeAlbedo…)

Could you open a feature request in the issue tracker?