Aiming date calculate

Thank you very much for your work - I really like working with orekit :sparkles:
My question is: I have fully implemented the orbit of the satellite, many things are also sorted by me on the shelves and implemented.
Now I am faced with the following task: I have an orbit, and I need to aim at a given point on the map (longitude, latitude and altitude = 0) from the position pitch = 0, roll = 0, yaw = 0 (maybe they will be something are equal, this is not necessarily zero, it can be the previous calculated pitch, roll and yaw) to some calculated pitch, roll and yaw angles so that the spacecraft can retarget from one point to another.
I know how to do it - but with the targeting date set. My problem is that I also need to calculate the aiming date.

Is it possible?

Analytically, I know how to solve this problem myself, but I want to do it somehow using a Orekit.

I think you should look at the TargetPointing attitude mode. It takes a ground point as a target (either as a GeodeticPoint or as a Vector3D in body frame), and then computes the attitude that will always point toward this target. Beware it does not care about visibility: it gladly points towards the target through the Earth from the other side as satellite moves around its orbit.

If you need to change target after some time (typically to not point to a target that is on the other side of the Earth), then you can use AttitudesSequence with different TargetPoint each configured with a different target.