AddEventDetector in propagator builder

Hey everyone,

I would like to suggest to implement an addEventDetector method to the PropagatorBuilder instance.

I’m aware that in cases where we build several propagator, they would use the same event detector. To fix this, we could use the “create” method, defined in AbstractDetector (and move it to the EventDetector interface later on), to create different event detector for each instance.

My specific use case concerns impulsive maneuvers that i would like to configure directly in my NumericalPropagatorBuilder instance.

This subject is a bit tricky but i would like to hear your thoughts about this ?


As we already have propagator builder and ODE integrator builder, it would seem more consistent to also have event detector builder rather than moving the create method up to the interface.

Very true indeed :+1:. As this would require a lot of work on the orekit side for such a specific use case, i will make a workaround on my end.

Someone else might think about another use case in the future ?

Thank you @luc.


Hi @Vincent,

I know that some Orekit estimators, like BatchLSEstimator and KalmanEstimator, use PropagatorBuilder as input. I think it would be useful to be able to add an event detector to such PropagatorBuilder. Or is that already possible?


Hi @dgondelach,

Unfortunatly that is not currently possible and, as @luc suggested, the most consistent way to add this feature would be to add an equivalent builder class to all EventDetector.


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