Add TimeStampedVector3D

Hi all,

What do you think about adding a new class: TimeStampedVector3D in orekit.utils.
This feature looks minor but can be very useful to reduce the number of parameters in some methods. For instance in IOD algorithms for which los vector can be a TimeStampedVecto3D instead of AbsoluteDate + Vector3D.
Because we also have TimeStampedPVCoordinates, it could also be useful to also have TimeStampedVector3D.

Thank you,


Not sure PVCoordinates and the like are a good example :sweat_smile:
There are many variants (absolute, time-stamped), and it can sneakily hide an acceleration, I find all of it rather confusing.

As for a time-stamped Vector3D, I think it would be confusing too. It could be a position, a direction, god knows what actually. So easy to make a wrong use I would say. But hey, it’s just my opinion.