Access violation exception

Hi Orekit Community,

I’ve build a project involving Orekit and an optimization library. Lately, The runs failed a numerous time ending with a fatal error in a fatal error in JRE (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION).
I took a look on the log file and it seems that it comes from the Field integrator used in the project (but I am not sure of that).
Is there anyone that can help me to understand and finally overcome this drawback?
Please find attached an example of log file.


hs_err_pid8356.log (76.5 KB)

JVM C2 compiler tried to access some memory it shouldn’t. Bug is in JVM, Windows, or your hardware. Could try updating the JVM or using Linux or testing your RAM/CPU or using ECC RAM. If you think it is a bug with the JVM you could file a bug report with them. I had a similar problem a while back and it turned out to be a defective RAM chip. In any case no matter what we do in Orekit we shouldn’t be able to cause that kind of failure in the JVM. :slight_smile:

Hi Evan,
Thanks for your anwsers. I will investigate further.
Best regards!