AbsoluteDate creation

Hi all,

I have a question about the creation of an AbsoluteDate using orekit python wrapper.
I instinctively instantiate an AbsoluteDate using keywords such as “location=” or “epoch=”. For every parameter I set (different month, different date input…), I got a unique date (reference date J2000) as output. I didn’t notice it first but my test results were false, so I had to investigate.
Without keywords, my different settings were taken into account:

Sorry, I don’t have a real dev profile. Is this a normal behaviour? Do I always have to avoid using keywords when creating an object or calling functions?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jasmin,

Oh… That is not an expected behavior of the wrapper…

Orekit python wrapper and JCC that it is based on does not interpret keyword arguments, it checks the number of arguments and their types. It basically ignores keyword arguments, which means that your keyword argument constructors is same as AbsoluteDate() which gives some default epoch (J2000?).

This is indeed confusing and the expected behavior would be to raise an error here I think.

I will post an issue on it on the python wrapper tracker.

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