About using extra java package

I have recently found the needs to work on the python environment, but I have encapsulated some java classes based on orekit to do some propagation and access work.Can I use the java class in python?How?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @AstroL,

What are you really need?

There are some java class, such as java.util.ArrayList, java.io.File, but not all.
I think you can just try it.

from java.io import FileInputStream, File
from java.util.stream import Stream
from java.util import ArrayList, Map

If you want to use extra java class created by yourself, maybe you should create a python wrapper too.

Thanks for your qiuck apply!
The problem may be a littile tricky here, what’s worse is that I‘m not very familiar with either python or java.I will try to be more specific.
I have worked with orekit for a while to do some analysis work, and I have build some java classes that encapsulate orekit data and propagator.Such as satellite java class which have some orbit data, and method inside for me to build the scenario code more conveniently .
Since java is not very convenient at processing large amounts of data and plotting, I was trying to transfer my analysis environment into python.
I have used orekit python wrapper and its wonderful work. Now I want to use the extra java classes in the python environment. Do I need to wrap and build them specificly ? Or is there a simpler way?
I have seen in some docunments that orekit was compiled in JCC and then used by python, I’m a little confused.