Why does OneAxisEllipsoid have two identical frames?


One of my colleagues asked me about the difference between methods OneAxisEllipsoid.getFrame() and OneAxisEllipsoid.getBodyFrame().
And so between attributes frame (inherited from ellipse) and bodyFrame.
It turns out they are the same.
Does anyone know why we’ve kept the bodyFrame attribute in OneAxisEllipsoid, instead of directly using the getFrame() method?


I guess it is historical, and maybe be due to the BodyShape interface.
The Ellipsoid base class was introduced much later, and as it may be used for things that are not related to a body (say some uncertainty ellipsoid around a spacecraft for example), getBodyFrame would not have been a suitable name…

Thank you Luc.

So, shall we remove the bodyFrame attribute and use the frame attribute instead?
(we can keep method getBodyFrame for APIs sake)

This seems a good idea to me.

:+1:, I’ve opened issue 1450 for this.