Welcome Thomas!

Hi all,

Just few words to present our new Orekit intern at CS GROUP. His name is Thomas Paulet. He is student at ISAE Supaero.

The purpose of Thomas’ internship is to enable Orekit to perform orbit determinations using analytical orbit propagators present in Orekit. Currently Orekit can perform orbit determinations using numerical and semi-analytical (i.e. DSST) orbit propagators.

Work will be performed in a dedicated Orekit fork: https://gitlab.orekit.org/ThomasP/orekit with its own git repository separated from the official Orekit repository, so Thomas can have write access without touching the official tree. If people want to look at what is done there, the project is public.

Welcome Thomas!

Hi Thomas!

Will you be making Field version of the TLEPropagator as part of this project?


Yes, it is the first task of the internship.

Welcome on Orekit Thomas!