Visibility of orekit-performance project

Dear all,

In GitLab, access to the Orekit project is public: anyone can see the project, its source repository, its issues, its CI/CD pipelines, without having an account on the forge.

Orekit’s CI/CD pipeline triggers another, which appears as the final step in Orekit’s pipeline.

This is the orekit-performance project pipeline, whose visibility is not public, but internal. In other words, access to this project is restricted to people identified on the forge. To access it, you need an account on the forge. Once logged in, you have automatic access to this project.

I don’t understand this configuration. Either the project contains no sensitive information and can be made public, or it does and access must be even more restricted, limited to project members only (the legitimate members being Orekit developers).

@evan.ward, as you are the author of this project, can you tell us what you think of it?

Have a nice day,