Units in GNSSDate

Orekit tries hard to use SI units everywhere for consistency.
From time to time, we identify some places where we did not comply with our own policy and fix them.

I just stumbled on one such place and would like to have some feedback from community. The culprit is GNSSDate, which is built from a week number and milliseconds in the week. There is nothing we can do with the week, in my humble opinion it should stay as a week number. The time within the week however could be changed to use seconds instead of milliseconds. The reason for this change, apart from being more consistent with our policy, is that in some formats like Rinex navigation files and in RTCM messages, this offset is already in seconds and not in milliseconds as is the case in the GNSS signal.

As we are targeting a new major version soon (version 12.0), it is the right time to perform this change.

What do community members think about this change?

+1 for using SI units.

+1 for SI units too.