Unable to load the atmospheric drag module in python wrapper

Hi all,

I have just discovered Orekit and the excellent Python interface around it! I am having a small problem using it at the moment and assume that it has something to do with the version of Orekit I am using but have been unable to delve any further into the issue than that.

I installed Orekit using conda -c conda-forge and it has installed at version 10.2. I would like to incorporate atmospheric drag perturbations into my models but do not seem able to properly load any of the modules even when copying the examples given on gitlab.
As an example, using the import: from org.orekit.forces.drag.atmosphere.data import MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimation I get the error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'org.orekit.forces.drag.atmosphere'; 'org.orekit.forces.drag' is not a package. I have no problems using any other perturbations in other libraries so I am wondering if something has been deprecated/moved elsewhere?

Thank you,


I think the location with the most recent (v11) version should be:

from org.orekit.models.earth.atmosphere.data import MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimation

Don’t remember if this was prior to v11 but sounds likely