TDMParser update

Dear Orekit team,

I saw that the CCSDS Tracking Data Message standard has been updated recently (June 2020:
The new format supports some additional data fields:

There are several new Data Section keywords added based on suggestions/recommendations by TDM version 1 users. These include transmit/receive phase; optical magnitude and radar cross section based on space situational awareness applications; and Doppler counts. For each of these new data types there are one or more related Metadata Section keywords.

As a result of the update, the Orekit TDMParser does not support the latest TDM format anymore.
At first glance, I think that adding the new fields/keywords will fix the issue.

Would it be possible to update the TDMParser? If you’d like, I can have a first go at the required code change.

Best wishes,

Hi @dgondelach

We are currently working on a complete rewrite of CCSDS messages framework infrastructure.
You can see ongoinf work on branch issue-474. I will push a new big set of commits this week (I could not push before because it would have broken CI).

I will also post an explanation of the proposed new infrastructure in the forum, perhaps next week.
You may therefore be interested in the discussion. The changes will allow read/write for all messages types, in both XML and KVN formats, easier maintenance.

We also plan to add support other messages formats (like conjunction messages, and perhaps more).

So I would suggest you to wait at least a few days, then your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Luc,

This is great to know! I wasn’t aware of the overhaul.
I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

Thank you!

I have started a topic for discussing CCSDS Message framework overhaul.
You can find the topic here:

Please take a look at it. You will see at the end of the second message (the one with the
documentation and the UML diagrams) that I wrote some hints about how to add a new
message format and how to add new keys in an existing message format. I guess the
second case corresponds to your needs, so you may try to look at it.

Thank you, Luc. I will have a read and see how I can help extend the code!