Reading in Atmospheric Densities

Hi all,

I’ve produced a script that calculates atmospheric densities and returns them in a 3D array with axes: Altitude, Latitude and Longitude and I’d like to input these densities into Orekit.

I’ve used the solar indices values to inform the JB2008 model before, however I’m not sure what interface to use when directly using pre-calculated atmospheric densities in kg/m3.

Does this functionality already exist or should I extend an existing class?

Thanks for all your great work, really loved the Orekit day!


Hi Tommy,
The good choice for you (and the only one in fact) would be to implement the interface, from which you can provide the density at a given date and for a given position. Don’t bother about the velocity, there is a default implementation in the interface that is used by all the other models.

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